Terms and conditions

Unless otherwise agreed or stated below, the general joint Nordic sales and delivery conditions apply as stated in NL01.

  1. Validity and use The following terms and conditions apply to all offers, sales and deliveries from Sealsupply Europe A/S, unless otherwise agreed in writing.
  2. Price All prices are stated for customers with login in Danish kroner (DKK) excl. VAT and possibly taxes and duties, unless otherwise stated. Customers without login get all prices incl VAT. If the sale is agreed in a foreign currency, Sealsupply Europe A/S reserves the right to change prices as a result of changes in exchange rates. The minimum order value for orders via Sealsupply Europe A/S is for customers with login e-commerce is DKK 50. For customers who shop in cash, the minimum order value is DKK 200.00 incl freight and VAT – delivery by cash purchase is always with Post Danmark and min. kr 90.00.
  3. Payment must be made in accordance with the payment condition stated on the invoice. After the due date, interest is calculated at 2% per. commenced month as well as compound interest. In addition, there is a reminder fee of DKK 100.00. The buyer is not entitled to set off against the purchase price unless the counterclaim has been acknowledged in writing by Sealsupply Europe A/S. In the opinion of Sealsupply Europe A/S, the buyer’s ability to pay is significantly impaired, Sealsupply Europe A/S is entitled to demand security for the purchase price.
  4. Retention of title The Seller reserves, with the limitations that follow from mandatory legal rules, the ownership of the sold until the entire purchase price with the addition of accrued costs has been paid to the seller.
  5. Delivery takes place ex-factory seller’s address at the buyer’s expense and risk, unless otherwise agreed in writing. Packaging such as pallets and pallet frames is charged to the individual shipment. Sealsupply Europe A/S does not return pallets and pallet frames. The delivery time is determined by the seller at best estimate in accordance with the conditions that exist at the time the offer is made / the agreement is entered into. Standard stock items are usually shipped the same day or the day after. All orders are sent with Post Danmark, there is no possibility of collection at our warehouse or in our stores.
  6. Cancellation The order, which is wholly or partly made according to the buyer’s instructions, cannot be canceled.
  7. Defects In the event of defects, the buyer must notify Sealsupply Europe A/S in writing within 8 days of receipt. Buyer loses the right to claim defects in the goods sold, unless a complaint has been made within 12 months after commissioning, a maximum of 18 months after delivery. Sealsupply Europe A/S is not liable for operating losses, profit losses or other financial consequential losses incurred by the buyer or third parties as a result of the defect.
  8. Product liability Sealsupply Europe A/S is not responsible for the buyer’s use of the goods sold. Sealsupply Europe A/S is not liable for operating losses, profit losses or other financial consequential losses incurred by the buyer or third parties as a result of defects in the goods sold. A claim for damages or a claim for a proportionate refusal against Sealsupply Europe A/S may not exceed the invoiced amount for the item sold.
  9. Returns Items sold by Sealsupply Europe A/S are only returned by prior written agreement and after the assignment of the return order number. If this is not met, the item is returned to the customer at his expense. Returned goods must not be damaged or used, and the packaging must be intact. Only items that are not customized will be returned. For all returned goods, a fee of min. 15% of invoiced price or a minimum of DKK 100 per. returned item line. Parts that cannot be recycled will be deducted from the credit memo. Credit note with a value of less than DKK 300.00 will not be issued. Procured goods and outgoing goods are not returned.
  10. Documents All information and data in Sealsupply Europe A/S’s general sales material either in writing or electronically at www.mw.dk, including drawings, product descriptions and measurements, can neither directly nor indirectly be considered to contain guarantees and is only binding to the extent , which is expressly referred to in a written agreement. Reservations are made for errors in data from suppliers and Sealsupply Europe A/S’s own documentation.
  11. Force majeure Sealsupply Europe A/S is not liable for delays or non-fulfillment of agreements entered into as a result of force majeure, including war, rebellion, strike, lockout, blockade, export or import ban, seizure, currency restrictions, fire, vandalism, natural disaster, general shortage of goods or something else that Sealsupply Europe A/S has not been able to avoid and whose consequences Sealsupply Europe A/S has not been able to avert. Both partners can terminate an agreement in writing when fulfillment has been impossible for more than 2 months due to force majeure.
  12. Choice of law and venue Any dispute between the partners is settled in accordance with Danish law.