OR O-ring NBR


O-rings of the material NBR are made of nitrile rubber with a 70 shore hardness as standard. NBR is the most common o-ring material used. We also manufacture in hardness 90 shore, however, we recommend 70 shore, which can be combined with one or two back-up rings.

NBR has good resistance to the following media:

  • Mineral oils and fats with a mineral oil base
  • Normal fuels, such as gasoline, diesel, and light fuel oils
  • Animal and vegetable oils and fats
  • hot water

The permissible operating temperature is -35 to + 110 ° C. The lip can tolerate dry drift within this temperature range for short periods. Temperatures up to 120 ° C can be tolerated for short periods. At higher temperatures the material hardens too much.

Product nameProfileMaterial(s)ShorePressure (max bar)Temperature (min/max °C)
OR O-ring NBRProfil af produktNBR70160-35/+110